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'The Design & Origin of Birds' DayOne Books UK/USA

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My Gallery Paintings, Book & Magazine etc Illustration & Writings are  often based on my (adopted) Anglesey, North Wales, or Scotland & its glorious Highlands & Islands. 

As already hinted, many Originals are Sold, but still liable to be repainted in similar scenes or studies, as many painters do in the perpetual search for a better take on a beloved theme! Although no two can ever be the same.....

They can also be available as ltd  prints, like many other Illustrations & Sketches -  just ask.  There are also many Prints of other wildlife like OWLS, OSPREYS, or TURTLES & other Turkish wildlife, done especially  to help raise money for charities like: N WALES OWL TRUST, Llandudno; GLASLYN OSPREYS, Gwynedd; & KAPTAN JUNES Loggerhead TURTLES in Dalyan, Turkey.

Below: Osprey Pair, Glaslyn; & Red Kite, Cadir Idris (below)   A4 ltd ed Prints  available

*Barn Owls 

A4 Print

*Llanddwyn Isle, Cefni Estuary & Llyn Peninsula, North Wales, with Curlews.
Watercolour &Ltd Edition repro print  A3
(Original Sold, but a scene I paint fairly regularly - with variations!)
*Bottom:Arctic Terns at Sea(Status as above)

Red Squirrels, Newborough (Forest Squirrel Trail Sign).       Otter Studies, Wild & Captive.       A4 prints 

My two main books have taken over 20 yrs of research & sketching, the first being one of the most wide-ranging & controversial bird books ever produced: 

‘The Design & Origin of Birds’ 

[DayOne Books UK/USA]. 

The second, the highly acclaimed

‘Light & Flight – Hebridean Wildlife & Landscape Sketchbook’ 

[Brown & Whittaker, Mull]:

PLUS: 'Tall Tales from an Estuary' - basically my idiosyncratic update of  C. F. Tunnicliffe RA OBE's classic 'Shorelands Summer Diary', largely about the beautiful Malltraeth Estuary right outside my window - but putting it in a global context of changing migration & climate patterns, & human influence etc:

Although I have contributed illustrations or painted covers for over 70 Books - incl Collins Field Guides - and many Magazines, Prints, Prints & Cards, Reserve Maps & Leaflets, etc, and contributed Paintings to many top Exhibitions in various countries, 'Tall Tales'  is only the 7th Book I have both written & illustrated.... But many more are on the way, including, oh.... a million word Trilogy on the end of this particular phase of  Space/Time (!)

Other new Philip Snow BOOKS out - soon?!:

COVER MOCKUP : Also due June/21

'Birds of Wales' cover art and frontispiece

A4 Prints available

*And by Mull & BBC SpringWatch /Autumnwatch, RSPB eagle-man, Dave SEXTON & Philip SNOW:


{Brown & Whittaker, Mull] ..

Originally written by the late Mike Madders, & once again a best seller, featuring one of the very best Scottish islands for eagles, otters & other glorious Scottish wildlife & landscape.

I have also produced, with wildlife film-maker, John Evans, a Wildlife Filming & Painting DVD:

'A Brush with Wildlife' 

[currently unavailable].

With a certain Royal at the opening of the TUNNICLIFFE GALLERY at Oriel Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey - back in hairier days!
(I'm looking worried because the computer sketch book display crashed just before she looked at it.....)and, Pic below, I said the first thing that popped into my head - 'It worked fine till you arrived, Marm!'No, she was not amused....